My List of Kitchen Staples

To help you manage a transition to a Keto / Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) lifestyle I have had a look about the kitchen and here is my list of kitchen staples.

Almond flour

Coconut flour

Green banana flour, (expensive but only used as a fish coating)

Ground Psyllium Husk

Sesame seeds

Flax seed or ground flax seed

Baking powder

Pink Himalayan salt

Iodised salt

White salt in grinder

Black pepper in grinder


Onion powder

Garlic powder

Apple cider vinegar

Balsamic vinegar (low sugar)

Mayonnaise (low sugar, low omega 6)

Tartare sauce (low sugar, low omega-6)


Camembert cheese or Brie

Cottage cheese

Cream (full)

Cream cheese


Sour cream

Thickened or double cream

Unsweetened Greek yoghurt

Unsweetened tartare sauce (ideally)

Coconut oil

Avocado oil

Olive oil, (extra virgin)

Lemon juice

Lime juice


Mozzarella cheese

Parmesan cheese


Mince (fatty)

Pork rinds (can be ground to use as a coating on chicken)

Pork sausages


Sardines in olive oil

Tuna in olive oil

Tomato paste, (low sugar)

Almonds (Tamari)

Cashew nuts

Macadamia nuts

Dark chocolate, > 70%

Stevia or

Erythritol or

Monk fruit sweetener

George Elder, Author, “Take Back Your Health”, Amazon $3.99.
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George Elder lives in New Zealand with his wife and following his discovery of how wrong his understanding of nutrition was, set out to research the truth. Being retired allowed him to spend a huge amount of time reading, researching and documenting this in his book. He has two grown up children and three grandchildren. He has an MBA from Canterbury University, a diploma in Nutrition from The Nutrition Institute, and has spent most of his working life in Information Technology and Manufacturing roles. He is a keen outdoors person having run a number of marathons, and enjoys hiking, kayaking, fishing and cycling. In his spare time, he maintains a home vegetable garden and small orchard. As a result of his research his own health has improved, he has published a wellness book titled "Take Back Your Health", available on Amazon, and he is active in helping others to learn how to take back their health. He is available for speaking engagements in New Zealand.

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